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Updated: Aug 25, 2019

We're starting to hear warnings about the fact that while the demand for home care skyrockets, the supply cannot keep pace. This presents a dilemma for the agencies that hire, train and try to retain caregivers.

We're on the edge of a crisis, and we are not prepared for what's coming. Nearly everyone has a story to tell about the hardships of family caregiving.

In order to operate a viable home care agency, there is a meticulous balance that must be established. Multiple insurance policies, taxes, overhead and state regulations have made the costs of operating a home care agency unbelievably high, hence the reason caregivers associated with agencies are paid minimum wage. Caregivers provide heroic services that most of the population does not want to do. Statistics show that in couples over the age of 65, the caregiver predeceases the care-recipient from all the emotional and physical stress that is related to caregiving. In the industry of home care, an underappreciated and undercompensated caregiver will become overwhelmed with a condition called Caregiver Burnout. Caregiver Stress results in employees making last minute cancellations and even leave the job completely without notice, causing home care agencies to panic and scramble to find a replacement- often times leaving a vulnerable older adult without care.

At Kind Care Connections, we strive every single day to find solutions to the home care crisis by keeping overhead costs and profit margins low, and caregiver wages high. Our agency owner's mission is to personally build deep meaningful relationships with the families we serve and she remains completely hands on in agency operations. We are very competitive in the market for home care service rates, with majority of the hourly rate going to caregiver wages. We proud ourselves in recruiting and maintaining a quality care team. We appreciate our care team and provide rewards for their amazing efforts and dedication, because what matters most is that the care being provided is the best continuity of care humanly possible.

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