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What are your business hours?

We are available 24/7 by phone and in office by appointment. Our office hours are available for appointments Monday-Friday 10am-3pm. Please do not hesitate to call at anytime with any questions 909-895-3632. In-home care services are available as little as a check-in visit up to 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

What is in-home care and what services do you offer?

In-home care refers to non-medical care that is provided for clients in their own home. At Kind Care Connections, we provide companionship, homemaking services and personal care to assist with Activities of Daily Living (ADL's) which include tasks essential for day to day functioning such as eating, bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting/incontinence and mobility/ambulation. We can tailor a plan of care to fit your family's lifestyle and unique needs.

How are caregivers selected?

Our caregivers are carefully screened before caring for a client. Each has been through a detailed process which includes a criminal background clearance, professional and personal reference verifications, I-9 documentation verification, personal extensive interview, TB clearance and in-service education. We strive to hire only people we would want caring for our own family members.

How will I meet my caregiver?

During the initial in-home assessment, a care supervisor will discuss preferences and care needs required for a caregiver match. The care supervisor will arrange an introduction for client, caregiver and care supervisor to all meet on the day of the first service visit. During that meeting, the plan of care will be reviewed by all parties involved, including family members, to ensure agreement and understanding of what services are to be provided.

What happens if the caregiver is not a good fit?

Our goal is to keep our clients and their families comfortable and happy. If the issue is small and our client likes the caregiver, we can coach our team to make adjustments. We can also match our client with a new caregiver if preferred. Our office managers check in with clients regularly. Any issues that impact comfort and satisfaction will be problem solved immediately.

What if caregivers need time off?

When your primary caregiver is unavailable, we will contact you in advance of the change to send a relief caregiver with similar experience to ensure services are provided as expected. Safety and comfort are our top priority.

How much does in-home care cost?

Please click here Genworth National Hourly Rate for general knowledge about the costs of home care. Please click here National Home Care Crisis to read our blog about why industry rates are high and how we keep our rates competitive. At Kind Care Connections, we strive to find solutions as new technology becomes available. You will be pleased to find our rates to be competitive for kind-hearted quality care. Plan of care for each client is confidential and customized to the family's needs and lifestyle. Call us today to find out more!

Is a long-term contract required for services?

No long term contract is required. To begin, a service agreement is reviewed and signed by the client and services can end with a simple phone call. We are there when you need us. If at any time that comes to an end you can simply let us know.

When do you bill?

We bill after services have rendered on a weekly basis and charged to the account on file. Clients and their family members can sign in to our innovative web portal, Family Login. With the Family Login (available to you at no extra cost), you will be able to keep live track of caregiver status updates and access records of care online from any device with internet access. Additionally, you and family members can use a shared calendar to coordinate between yourselves and track visits scheduled by your caregiver. For your convenience, you can view invoice history online.

How long advance notice is required to start?

We have been known to accommodate immediate needs and have sent caregivers within 24 hours notice. However, depending on caregiver availability we may require up to 7 days to screen and match, specific to your care needs and preferences, before a caregiver is in the home. We strive every day for happy clients, happy families and happy caregivers!

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